D&AD New Blood award entry 


In collaboration with Chad Tetzlaff, Kayla Bocage and Street Croci



Explore how new habits for our on-demand, multi-platform world can influence, shape and develop BBC Sounds' offering


With the constant progress of technology,

on-demand audio content has evolved to only

cater to an individual’s tastes and removes the

joy of discovering new and engaging content.


The best way to shape new habits and rituals is to look into habits of the past, intuitive actions and behaviors that naturally evolved but died down. How might we make them relevant again?

BBC byte is a tool that redefines the process of audio listening by creating a simple and tangible way to discover new content. Small tile-like chips are placed in public areas and contain topic specific audio, are curated from BBC Sounds. Users can pick up and drop off these Bytes throughout their day.

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BBC Bytes are small intuitive-to-use chips that remove the barrier of making decisions and take advantage of certain pockets of peoples day. They -


1. Have constantly updated, topic-specific audio          content.

2. Have curated and chopped up BBC content.

3. Directly connect to headphones
an audio jack or Bluetooth.

4. Allow users one play-through before they have        to drop it off and can pick up another one.






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Current position and Brand values


BBC Sounds is the brand new audio streaming service from BBC that combines it's live radio, podcasts and music into one app. With its recent launch, it needs to offer 16 - 35 year olds a more unique experience in order for them to switch over from their current audio services. BBC believes 


1. Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation.

2. We take pride in delivering quality and value for money.

3. We are one BBC: great things happen when we work together.



We started off our research with interviews, secondary research, user journeys, and competitor analysis to identify gaps in the music streaming industry. After affinitizing our data we found the following insights -


1. Commutes are a large opportunity point for audio listening.

2. Audio listening taste and mood is dependant on location and activity.

3. Music has always been a communal activity but current day streaming apps isolate people.

4. Podcasts and radio shows are a reliable and convenient source of knowledge, but not a lot of people know about them.  

5. Certain recurring activities and routines are often made less monotonous with music/podcasts. 



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Following our brief and insights, we began ideating with rounds of crazy 8's, throwing out ideas in large quantities. We then voted on our favourite directions and brainstormed on developing those ideas into something unique and fresh that had the spirit of a student project, but also checked all the necessary boxes on the functions it had to perform.



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