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A platform to create a community of international volunteers and connect them to NGOs


A 5-week project to 

create a new platform 






Agustina Patino


There is a large gap between potential international volunteers and NGOs in need

Why do these problems exist?

Barriers of buerocracy 

Unethical standards of volunteering

A lack of transparency from 3rd party organisations


To amplify the positive aspects of volunteering and remove current barriers holding potential volunteers back

32.9 Million people volunteer internationally through 3rd party organizations annually 


BOON is a platform that streamlines the process of connecting to NGOs around the world and creates a global community of people with humanitarian interests




The feed allows users to view live updates from organizations and humanitarians they follow. View BOON conferences and other humanitarian events nearby as well as articles posted directly by volunteers and NGOs globally. 



The search function features a more immersive horizontal scroll to give each organization the importance it deserves. Users can search by cause they want to serve and filter by destination and dates. Users can also see the current volunteers on the ground and reach out to them with queries.




Volunteer portals have universally been highly individualistic, however, volunteering is where the majority of strong bonds are created. BOON allows you to stay in chat circles with people you have volunteered with in the past, will be volunteering with or simple people you want to reach out!



Globally hosted events that connect humanitarians and NGOs from around to world to cause a common problem and spark important discussions and debates






This project stemmed from a personal experience for me. In the summer of my junior year of college I made the decision that I was not going to go on a vacation or apply for internships, but rather go to Greece and volunteer at the refugee camps that were flooding with thousands of refugees everyday.

Having a part time job working as a creative director for a non-profit aiding refugees in Greece, I was familiar with the harsh realities of the crisis. However, I wanted to find a deeper connection and create a larger and more personal impact

What I experienced however was the superficial nature of various volunteer portals that catered far more to the trend of 'voluntourism' rather than social impact. I found a lack of transparency and it fueled a fierce discontent in me. So upon returning to college after summer I dedicated this 5-week project to tackle the issue I had faced


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We made many different versions of what our interface would look like when exploring these options and crafted each interaction to serve a specific purpose. We designed the search page in cards that swipe horizontally to allow users to give each organization's unique mission attention.

We also prioritized the integration of a social aspect and transparency in the app. The live updates bring a level of both urgency, understanding and trust to the users and NGOs. While the events ensure accountability and offer users a chance to better prepare themselves before a trip, as well as remain as engaged ambassadors after the trip


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We put heavy priority into the branding of this platform as we wanted to create a wave of impact and create a large global community that would unify under the brand of Boon. The name Boon was chosen as a 'boon' is defined as anything that is beneficial to a society or economy, and uniting a large community of people working towards change is the BOON we need for humankind.

For the logo we used a cool turquoise blue to represent a sense of trust and engagement. The logo signifies the expansion of one's perspective that occurs from the act of volunteering internationally.