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Fit City Lights

A creative tech campaign.



Identify a brand opportunity and develop a short term interactive

campaign that utilizes new and emerging technology. Then design

and code a microsite for your campaign


Many people are viewing the fitbit as only a gadget that tracks the number of steps you take each day,when in reality the fitbit is an all-rounded fitness tool that helps people achieve their health and fitness goals.


Achieving fitness goals is not only about the 2 hours you spend at the gym, it's about every small decision you make throughout your day. Fitbits are designed to help you make every moment of your day count towards your goals.


Fitbit believes that seeing progress plays a large role in helping people achieve their goals.



A microsite would allow users to input the routes of their daily commutes and find alternative routes that would multiply the efficiency of it within the additional time range that the user is willing to put in. The microsite would also ask the user to set a personal goal. To add incentive for the user, for every person who achieves their goal a projection of their name and face would appear on a building on the boardwalk of Chicago. As these projections slowly climb up the building like Tetris blocks, it would be the city's goal to light up the boardwalk in a set amount of time

progress scale mock up.png

Every time a member of the Fit City Lights community reached their goal a coloured square of light with their face on it would be projected, along with all the others on one of the high rise buildings on Chicago's boardwalk. Whenever a goal-meeter approached the building, proximity tech would detect their presence and enlarge their face, making it the main focus of the scale. This would allow them to take a picture and share their achievement, and contribution to the city goal, with pride.