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Branding and UI design for a start-up disrupting the car insurance industry in Bolivia.


10 - week freelance project to create the brand identity and UI design of the new car insurance service by Sudamericana.  



UI Design


Agustina Patiño



The perception of car insurance in 

Bolivia is that it is complicated to understand,

expensive and not as necessary.


Mi Big Bro is revolutionizing the local car insurance industry by offering personalized and affordable insurance. Our goal is to create a friendly and approachable brand image and create an simple accessible UI that further simplifies this personalized offering.

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This logo was created through the exploration of various more graphic solutions for the brand identity and eventually found its way into a more type-based logo. The use of 2 parts of the logo separated by space and colour yet relying on each other to complete the shape exemplifies the companies role as 'big brother' and a reliable and equal figure in the customers life.

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The choice of the colour pallete was made to enhance the more fun personality of Mi Big Bro as compared to the other insurance alternatives. While the colours themselves are bold and young, the use of the colours shows a little more restraint and add a maturity and serious edge to the overall visual identity.

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Not only does the logo take the place of the r and o in the name, but the logo itself is also a B and a g respectively when seen from each side. Together the logo brings the work Big bro to life using clever design and typography.

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The design of this interface was intentionally made very minimal in order to emphasize the clarity and ease of navigating this usually complicated topic. The focus of the app was to be very functional and with minimum transitions and animations to adjust to all types of data and wifi coverage areas.

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The use of subtle  neuomorphic accents allowed us to add value to the interactions being made by the user without having to rely on data-consuming motion graphics and also maintaining the minimal clear interface.

Mobile website to help users better understanding the companies offering and find answers to some questions or queries they might have.

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360-degree advertising to promote the launch of the new platform. Included social, OOH, transit, and web ads.

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