Ocean's innocence

An interactive OOH campaign 





The ocean will soon contain more plastic than fish. This terrifying statistic is going unseen by people desensitized by the issue and by corporations unbothered by its very real consequences. How do we get people to act on this issue that is very quickly going out of our reach?


People often want to help but are typically only reminded of the problem without a convenient way to contribute to the cause. Aquariums are typically places where people actually appreciate nature and the ocean life so I thought this would be an interesting touchpoint 


An interactive screen placed on the aquarium walls that mimics jail bars would be placed around the museum. The jail bars are built by QR codes that can be scanned to donate to the Oceanic Preservation Society. After making this donation that portion of the bar would disappear, allowing users to slowly 'free' the ocean from it's confines. 

OPS jail bar mockup.png
ops jail bar mockup 2.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.24.17 AM.pn


The jail bars blocking the aquarium view would be made of lines of QR codes on a smart screen. When a person scans an area of the bar with their camera, the QR code would instantly link to their phone's instant pay feature and ask for a $1 donation to the Oceanic Preservation Society. Once the transaction is complete the part of the bar would disappear, allowing the person to contribute to 'freeing the ocean.'